The luminous Black Light is pure Love.
It is the deepest intimacy one can ever know.
It embraces you, not you it.
It touches you in places nothing else can, and nobody ever will.
It may cause you to fall to your knees and weep because it is the deepest remembrance of Love a Human can possibly expereince.

It is Love that has no form,
no face,
no meaning,
no substance,
no object,
no reference point,
no concept,
nothing to hold onto,
no memory,
no past,
no future.

It is Pure.

The Black Light is the beginning and the end of creation.
The Alpha and The Omega.
The Zero Point.

It is the space where all things are held in potential before the kind of Light we can see,
brings matters into manifestation - to be born.
It contains itself completely witin itself - pure divine thought before it becomes form.
It holds within it
all visble light,
all intellectual and spiritual light,
color, shadow and matter.
Everything is birthed and created from Black Light ... and is then perpetually bathed, nourished by it.

It is the space to which all things must return when they dissolve or die. Those who manage to 'die' to all that is not in resonance with the Truth of Love, before the body dies, merge with it when they awaken.

The Black Light is the light of the Universal Womb, which is everywhere - holding you, constantly birthing you - gently unfolding all that you are. And simultaneously dissolving all that you are not.  If you resist, it may not always seem to be so gentle - but it is Love, nonetheless! 
All that you are is contained within the Universal Womb of Creation - where all births lie as a seed jewel reflected in each woman's womb.

The Black Light is the potential all women hold within the womb, where it transmutes by holding and bringing everything that you are back into its pure, undifferentiated, unformed state - Original Innocence. Here all wounds can dissolve and all things are made possible. All things can be made new. Rejuvenated. Resurrected. Restored.

It is sweet emptiness, the empty heart surrendered and ever gently, perpetually breaking wide open - for no reason.
The Black Light is beyond reason and so the mind may perceive this to be frightening, because it cannot be controlled.
It is the Source of all Truth and Wisdom.

Nothing can reflect it or refract it because there is so much Love that nothing gets in the way of it; there is nothing to block it - not even 'you', as the perception of the limited 'you', is there to limit it.
There is no polarity or duality in this space. It is beyond masculine or feminine.
It is the dark light of sub-space that lies beyond the coarse perception of our senses. Yet this sub-space of the Universe lies within and supports every single one of our biological cells.  It is the mothering energy that sustains and nourishes all living forms with Life Force.  And yet, it's absolutely unfathomable stillness holds the seeds of thought and births the movements of masculine consciousness and penetrating light. This is what calls forth all manifestations of life into form.

To access and create with The Black Light requires courage and dedication to venture into the unknown through the portals of deep silence and stillness.
It is guarded only by your fears.
To allow embrace by it, is a diving into the depths, unafraid to loose yourself in its gentle warm velvet blackness that desires only to hold you and immerse you in the Truth of You; to dissolve all that is not Love within you.

Once tasted, it may inspire a passion unquenchable, to be consumed by its eternal vastness and unimaginable bliss.  The sacrifice for such lasting bliss, is a dance with fear and our darkness; our shadows. This is why it has been feared and culturally malaligned for centuries - for it holds the power to dissolve all that is dark within us. It silently confronts our illusions like nothing else - as only Love can do. 
It is out of fear itself, that the truthful luminosity of the Black Light has been confused with and misunderstood to be the source of evil and darkness in the world.  Hence so many religions have labelled women in like, because they embody a portal into it within the physical and energetic Womb.  This is where all the taboos on Human Sexuality find their foundation, because ultimately it can be powerfully accessed sexually.  It is our power and those who have sought to control Humanity, have done so by leading us to beleive that our sexuality is somehow inherently evil, wrong and bad.
Such repression can only ever be temporary and it's coming to a close.  Awareness of the Womb is waking up - in men and women alike, all over the world.  It is as irrepressible as Life itself!

The Black Madonnas of the World - Saint Sara de Kali, Our Lady of Einsiedeln, The Virgin of Guadalupe, Isis, The Black Madonnas of Puy en Velay and Chartres, The Black Tara of Buddishm, Kali and Aparecida of Brazil.

Over the centuries, The Black Light has been quietly epitomized in the form of the Black Madonna. Even whilst shrouded in great mystery and controversy, She has never ceased to hold a silent, powerful attraction globally, for Her millions of lovers and devotees. She can be found transculturally in many sacred traditions around the world. She has been feared, mal-aligned and misunderstood by the mind and by the ego - for she eludes both and cannot be reached by either.

Her sacred sites always occur on ley-lines and areas where the Earth’s power radiates most potently up from the core; from the Womb of Gaia upon geological serpentine telluric currents, to highly charge these energy centres. These places of power have been enhanced over centuries, and millenia in some cases, by megalithic structures and sacred architecture.
Each one of these sites has a unique quality that affects the subtle bodies of Her pilgrims. These specific earth energies penetrate and activate their subtle bodies, harmonizing the chakras of the earth with those of the prepared and sensitive.

If you are ever given the opportuniy to visit one of Her shrines, or festivities --> do it. Go. Listen. Receive. You may never be the same again, in the Best possible way!

I offer an annual global 21 day Initiation into The Black Light --> WOMB INITIATION : : Awakening Love's Throne

© Barbara Ma-El, 2012

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