Barbara's Womb Medicine

How my Womb received attunement
to the Womb of the World,
in the Heart of the Earth,
and how you can
receive this too.

The Black Madonnas of Europe are shrouded in Mystery.
I knew nothing about them until I was drawn to attend a Black Madonna conference in Berkeley California.
Then, they began showing up in my dreams. She was calling me.
The Unknown She was calling me.

Eventually, in an American immigration debacle, I found myself perfectly stranded in Europe,
inwait of the required documents.
I couldn't return home, to California, without them.
It was October, 2005.

I discovered that I was only an hour away
from the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln's Shrine in Switzerland.
I had my virginal experience of Her Mystery there,
at her ornate shrine,
within the stone cold walls of a giant catholic cathedral.

The first time my eyes rested on her serene smooth black wooden face,
I was overcome by an incomprehensible depth of devotion.
I fell to my knees and began weeping
as uncontrollable surges of emotion welled up from the deep.

Saint Sara by Samuel Eldelstein Something so vitally essential that I'd lost,
that I'd been hungry for,
thirsty for,
but had never even known it,
was suddenly found.
Something ancient was being remembered;
something very primordial;
something extraordinarily basic and intrinsic to Life.
And yet it had eluded and evaded me my whole life.
I had been looking - searching, yes.
Seeking for something, not knowing what exactly.
Never in my wildest notions did I expect to find it here - and like this!

Once I got my mind past
all the horribly dated, garish embroidered church robes
she was opulently draped in, I sat in communion.
I mysteriously surrendered into three blissful days and nights
of communion with the Beyond.

So long as the doors of that cathedral gave me admittance,
there I sat enchanted by this unfathomable quality of Love.
A quality of Love that I'd never dared to believe,
could exist in this hyper-paced-world,filled with so much suffering
- that so painfully mirrors my own.

Yup, I sat there and let my heart be pried open in the gentlest possible way, and precious tears of pearls came bleeding out. Even weeping was sublimely divine . . . in the freezing cold, shivering whilst I endured all the priestly incantations. And God - it was all in Latin!

I would never be the same again, after that. In the best possible way.
It took me years to fathom that I had been touched and suffused by an almost other-worldly, quality of pure pure Love.
A Love like no love in this world had, could, nor ever would, touch me.

Chartres Labyrinth A year later, I returned to another of her Shrines - this time in France.   (It didn't take much to lure me this time!)
I went to Chartres Cathedral, an hour out of Paris and it dawned on me, how appropriate the enduring endearment of 'Notre Dame' (Our Lady), really is!

Again, for three days I soared in euphoric trances as I sat in tearful devotion once more, at the feet of one of these odd Black Madonnas.

I sat in awe as I watched countless grown men, come and pay their respects at the end of their day, bringing her a flower, reverently kissing her feet. They wanted nothing else of this church, but to do this and then they left as promptly as they arrived. I'd heard about this in my researched attempts to understand this phenomenon. It was very moving to me as a woman - to witness this unconditional expression of devotion by the men.

As before, I received much guidance, wisdom, insight and inspiration,
but this time something else happened.
I was guided to focus all my thoughts in a specific way,
that made my Womb pulsate with energy. It was incredible.
These pulsations travelled up into my feet from the Earth and into my Womb.
I understood that my Womb was being entrained to the Womb of the Earth
- the Creative matrix of Life on this Planet that quietly pulses in the heart of the Earth.

Several months later, back in the United States, I got myself a deathly flu. Laid up in bed for days, in one of those doozy-woozy-half-wake-trance-like states, I was shown that what had taken place in France, was not just for me.

Primordial Mother by Johfra Bosschart I was to share this with other Women, so that their Wombs could receive the same entrainment - to the degree their Hearts and Wombs can allow for. It became clear that this initiation had been possible at Chartres due to the extremely potent serpentine telluric currents that magnetically rise to the Earth's surface there.
I was shown that it would be possible to give women an opportunity for the same thing by standing belly-to-belly, womb-to-womb with them.

I could barely hear myself breathe as the knowing of this embraced me.
Elegance. Depth of it. Sanctity.
I knew this was Holy.

I kept it to myself as I grappled with the responsibility,
quietly digesting and integrating the significance of this gift.
It was to take me another 7 months before I bravely dared to invite a girl-friend I trusted, to try this standing womb-to-womb thing out with me.
She ended up reliving the traumatic birth of her son and unresolved aspects of that experience became integrated for her.
I was as astonished as was she, at her grateful tears.

Well, I guess the Womb really did work her magic, then!
That's when I realized that it had been exactly a 9 month gestation since the initiation in France.
I received the perfection of this, as a profound confirmation that I was on-track.

A Noble Black Dancer by Howard Schatz Later, it became clear that men benefit from this tremendously, too.
Men are born from the Womb of their Mothers.
Much of the Masculine wounding,
is a result of their Mother's damaged Wombs,
and their lover's / wife's /girl-friend's damaged Wombs.
There is so much healing yet to take place
between and within Men and Women.

It took me many more years of careful, dedicated refinement,
of both Womb and Heart,
to elevate and clarify what I am now capable of offering. Come, join me
and receive from the Unknown She!
I have cultivated my vessel for the Truth of Her wordless Magic.

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