Discover Your Womb Mandala


  • Mapping your Womb Mandala shows you where the 'dust-bunnies' and 'old-gunk' are consuming your creative life energy, so you can clear them out & begin Creating the Visions of Your Dreaming! (Your Womb is your Dreaming organ.)

  • Reproductive Health is established and maintained by regularly 'cleaning-house' energetically in your Womb.

Discover what's Living (or dying!) in Your Womb:

  • Past Lovers?
  • What kind of Relationship do you would you like to Nurture or Attract?
  • Do you wish to prepare your Womb to Conceive a Child?
  • What about Parents? Friends? Children? Are they living in your Womb Space?
  • Are you clear with your Projects? Work? Your Life Purpose & Gifts?
  • Who are your Guides? Protectors? Allegiances? Who isn't?
  • It's all about who and what you're connecting to with your Womb. How and Why.
    - Is it supportive & nourishing?
    - Is it draining & depleting?

small pink heart small pink heart YOUR WOMB MANDALA is a way of mapping what your creative, magnetic, sexual center is connecting to, so that you can get clear with how you weave the Relational Web of Life from your Womb. This empowers you to make new choices and begin creating, attracting and manifesting your Desires & Dreaming consciously & intentionally.
The Mystical Flower of Life
  • Guidance for learning how to map the energies residing in your Womb.
  • In-depth personal support for You to unravel the meaning of what you find in your Mandala.
  • A guided clearing for whatever you choose to release from your Womb, in the session.
  • An easy 2 minute practice you can do everyday to keep your Womb clear.
  • Instructions for additional practices you may wish to use to methodically go through your sexual history and clear ALL of your past lovers from both your Womb and your Heart.
  • An audio recording of the meditation I use to guide you deeply into the Womb Space, during our session.
  • 7 days of follow-up support, to help you integrate everything you learn, into your everyday life.
small pink heart CREATE  THE  LIFE  YOU  REALLY  WANT → The Clarity of your Womb affects the quality of the relationships you attract and manifesting your desires.

A soft shiny Golden Heart on a      pink watermelon and Spring Green round background PRAISE & APPRECIATION


    "This will empower you as a Woman & give you access to healing things in your womb which might be contributing to repeating patterns that prevent you from living to your fullest potential. DO IT!"

    Fiona Haasz (Art Therapist, Pranic Healer : : Australia)


    "I was fortunate enough to Experience my Womb Mandala and found it to be incredibly healing. The main benefit for me was that it taught me to connect to my Womb Centre & in doing this I was able to get a handle on my depression in the weeks leading up to my period - which has often been near suicidal. "  

    Joanna Bishop (Business Owner, Melbourne, Australia)

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    "I highly recommend the Womb Mandala for women who want help with healing unhealthy relationship attachments & for establishing supportive, clear personal boundaries.
    At first I struggled a little with the process but within a week of daily practice, I was able to identify and clear an aspect of my shadow in my womb space.
    The following day when I was doing my qigong & jade egg practices, I experienced an incredible energy & pulsing within my womb. I feel that clearing the shadow aspect cleared some energy blocks in my womb.
    I've since also been able to activate the life fore in my creative centre to a greater level than I'd previously been able to.

    I really appreciated the 7 day follow up and support from Barbara & the connection with the other women who attended our session. This helped to keep me inspired and to persist with the practice even though it did not come easily to me at first."

    Katherine Smith (Women's Wellness & Life Transition Coach, Naturopath : : Melbourne, Australia)


    "I'm really looking forward to greeting the results of this 'magic' in my outside world ... this could be the True Empowerment! I have the Power to CHOOSE. WOW !!! I have a way to affect my world. I'm excited. Thank you!"

    Kate Van Nooten (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Such a potent, poignant, direct and effective method to rapidly learn about myself & transform what I no longer need / want. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and relief that I now have this simple tool in my tool belt.
    Thank you, Barbara."

    Kelly Love (Photographer, Kaui, HI, USA)


    "A BIG Thank You, for the Womb Mandala Session it was Truly Amazing.
    It helped me to put things in perspective and many "AHA"’s and understandings of why things have been as they have been.
    I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and in the evening I felt a big a relief in my heart.   What I really appreciate is how present and focused you were together with me for 3 ½ hours – It felt like great teamwork."  

    Anette (Sweden)


    "I have enjoyed the intimate gathering with other women and sharing the stories from our Wombs.
    Barbara has been an excellent guide to take us into the depths of our Wombs and has given me an awareness of the things I have stored in me for a long time. I can now work on shifting these and filling my Womb with the things I choose!! Thanks."  

    Tahli Dobbin (Great Ocean Road, Australia)

  • . . .  WHERE  I  WAS  HURTING

    "Barbara was really in-tune with my experience. She knew where I was hurting & helped turn it into the light. Thank-you."  

    Felicity Sagar (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This was such an enlightening experience which brought so much awareness to what I needed to realize, so that I could step fully into my power as a woman.
    It was amazing experience to share in a circle of other women."  

    Hayley Soar (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This was the best healing experience I have ever had!
    It was such a nurturing, enlightening, empowering session. I am so blessed and happy I did it!
    Trully, THANK YOU!"  

    Sarah Latham (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Mapping my Womb Mandala was amazing!
    What a brilliant process to gain deep clarity into the creative potential of the womb space. I Loved it!
    Highly recommended for all Women!"  

    Sara Brooke (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Thank-you so much! This was such a powerful experience - to see the dynamics playing out in / from my Womb Space. I feel empowered, now, to return to my Womb Space and the heal these old wounds.
    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! xxx"  

    Melissa Farrugia (Melbourne, Australia)


    "It was the most beautiful, connected, supported afternoon that has given me such an amazing tool to check-in with myself. This is a tool that empowers me to see things as they are and gives me the ability to make continuous choices to clear and embrace aspects of my life.
    I really love this and it has opened up wondrous opportunities for healing."  

    Samantha Hallpike (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This is so simple and makes complete sense.
    It's very empowering to know that I can create whatever I want!"  

    Armelle Sebbag (Melbourne, Australia)

ARTICLES that illustrate the reach of this powerful yet simple Practice:

You're Connected to The Web Of Life with Your Womb
The Value in Minding Your Womb
The Voice of The Womb


This is a 3 hour Session.
Included is 7 days of follow-up, afterwards.
You only ever need one session - after that the wisdom is yours.

• Skype Session - AUD $300
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• In-Person Session - AUD$345


Cancellation Policy : 48 hrs


Gather 3 or more friends together and you participate for free.
$150 investment per participant.

• We'll go into each woman's Mandala in depth. It's a beautiful nourishing journey to share as everyone learns so much from witnessing the emmergence of each Woman's Womb Story.

• We can do this in-person at a physical venue of your choice, or virtually anywhere on Earth, via Skype Video or a Private Google Hangout.

• Includes 7 days of follow-up, afterwards.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS : This practice was remembered and given back to us through the Womb of a beautiful woman called Laura, in 2008. It was taught to me by her former partner and my former mentor, Padma Prakasha. Along with some adaptations I've made, it's an indispensible practice and I love helping women really 'get it', to make it their own, too.

About Me : : Barbara Ma-El

Barbara Ma-el I adore the Mystery beneath My every crack.

The stories I have thrown into the fire have forged the medicine I carry, even as they continue to carry me down-stream, like petals floating in moonlight.
The weave of the past provides the texture that I dance upon:

  • For 18 years I've been awakening within the timeless Ways Of The Womb.

  • ’The Pregnant Earth’ was a fine art & pregnancy photography business I founded in the US, that also led me into a great number of birthing rooms as a professional doula.

  • Powerful Sacred Altars Of Earth all over the world summoned & delivered me, over many years, into direct Mystical Initiations of Womb, Heart and Body.

  • The author of 'Womb Wisdom' & 'The Power Of Shakti', was a mentor for 4 years, but don't be too impressed by that. Being published ought not to earn automatic credence. I've learnt that credence must first be given to our *Personal Experiences* These experiences in particular, earnt the title of "The Final Abuse" - with it all the grateful lessons of calling it "One BIG Full-Stop!"
    Rather, be impressed by the depths of darkness one is capable of embracing and emerging from. Re-Birthed.
    The Holy Dark never deceives & always delivers us into Truth. Light is easily manipulated and spells can be cast with words.
    I learnt what 'womb work' wasn't.
    I learnt what 'sisterhood' wasn't.

    These were my final initiations for The Womb-Heart to finally become my Sovereign teacher, healer and guide.

  • In the land of Downunder-Dreamtime, I journeyed for 13 Life-changing Moons into the depths of the Blood Mysteries. Here I was finally allowed to drink from bottomless cups of sweetness, drawn from the well of authentic sisterhod. Together we quested under the naked moon, giving all of ourselves to the naked earth. I received Great Dreaming.

The Womb Medicine I share seems to be quite potent at aligning and awakening Women who are ready, to know the Womb within themselves.

My role is to hold you in Love’s spaciousness for this meeting within the One great gentle Womb of your remembering,
that you may come to trust your Sovereign Body of Wisdom,
soften into your Heart’s Ocean of Love
and activate your authentic Power to Create.

I tend a holy flame that together with our men, we may Envision, Dream & Create our world anew from the inside-out, in celebration and in the hot wild fierce fire of Love!

I live & Love in Australia now, with my Beloved Lee Giddings & his two beautiful children. See more about us ...


  • BioProcess Engineering Degree
      (4yrs - with Honours, Massey University, New Zealand)

  • Masters in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
       (1.5yrs, NM, USA - partially completed)

  • Core Energetics - Body Centered Psychotherapy
      (Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Training : 2yrs, NYC, USA)

  • Artist, Self-taught
       (Owner of PregnantEarth.com art business 1999-2011, USA)

  • Birth Doula, DONA certified
       (2000-2003, USA)

  • Direct Mystical Initiations & Intensive Preparation into the Ways of the Womb
      (2006 - 2011 : India, Hawaii, South America, Europe, Egypt)
      Teaching : 2010 -> now (USA, Australia, Europe)

  • Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner Credentials:

    ∞ Practitioner Training - Level 1 (2011) & Advanced (2014 + 2017)
    ∞ The Crystalline Seeds of Physical Healing (2012)
    ∞ The Star Child Directives 1 (2013) & 2 (2014)
    ∞ The Crystalline Way of Oneness (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Consciousness Directives / The 12 Crystal Skulls (2012)
    ∞ The Teachers of the Great Oceans (2013)
    ∞ The Garment Of Stars (2016)
    ∞ Art of The Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Chaser Series (2016)

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