Global Womb Ceremony


Everything you Desire to Create & Attract (more of) into your Life,
waits in the secret recesses in your BODY of LOVE.

This Ceremony is for activating them.
It's also for releasing and renewing anything that's in the way of your love, your visions, your passion, your dreams.

Your monthly bleed, the New Moon, the Earth & the availability of this ceremony for the whole month, all conspire to support you with this because
Co-Creating with LOVE is what's being called for Now!

Currently the Primary Pathway for Manifestation on Earth is FEAR
- the energy of division, competition, scarcity and lack.

Fear is of the Mind. It's a thought. A story that's often stuck on 'repeat'.
Fear is the cause of all pain & suffering.

Your Womb-Heart knows only how to unite Fear back into the Love it came from.
In the privacy of your own home, via this ceremony you're invited to :
Bring Your Grief Bring Your Stress Bring Your Rage
Bring Your Self-Doubt Bring Your Self-Loathing Bring Your Regrets

Discover what Your Womb can Create out of it . . .

& Re-Create your Life and your World in Love . . .

Pink Rose


  • September's New Moon calls for a Sunstone Womb Ceremony.
    The Earth will be resonating with the songs and energies of all the Earth’s Sunstone, that day.

    Sunstone's activations carry the Spark of Life into the corridors of pain, heaviness and depression. It sparks optimism, self-worth and confidence, where once was negativity, gloom and self-doubt. Its perpetual frequencies of summer show you the power of your light and how to access all of your vitality.

    Ra, Radiance, Increasing Your Light Quotient, Belief in Unshakeable Shadows, The Sun, Solar Logos, Soul Consciousness, Vitality, Life Force, Chi, Energizing, Ignition, Optimism, Feelings of Failure, Goal Setting, Self-Worth, Soul Star Chakra, Moods, Depression, Powerful Fears, The Mayan Culture, Egypt, Akhenaten, Serapis Bey, Constellation Leo.

  • Please don't let the above, limit you!
    • Come with anything you wish to Create or Attract.
    • Come with anything you desire to move beyond or renew.
    (A limitation, difficulty, frustration, or block. A resistance, pain or distortion.)

  • August's New Moon in will be in Virgo.

* This is also for Menopausal Women! The Creative Power of your Body has simply switched gears, is integrating Wisdom and holds great Potentiality in a different way now!

* If you've had a Hysterectomy, you still harbour the same Creative Power and you're definitely welcome to join us, too.

  • Guidance into The Mystery within, to connect with your genetic ancestral wisdom, and to release and renew in preparation for the Creative Activation Process.
  • Access to the video recording of our ceremony for a month afterwards.
  • Life time access to our private Womb Ceremony Wisdom Circle. As women, we heal, grow, learn and evolve in community & connection with one another. Questions can be asked, experiences shared & wisdom exchanged.

LOGISTICS - 3 Ways and Times to Receive
  1. The Live Video Stream of the Global Womb Ceremony, held in Australian Eastern Time.

  2. The Video Recording of the Live Ceremony, during the 24 hr window after the live ceremony ends. A potentized envelope of Life Energy will be held open for your Healing & Creativity during this time, so even if you can't join the live event, you'll still receive the same energetic benefits so long as you watch the video & enter into ceremony within this 24hr window.

  3. The full length video will remain available to you for a month after the Live Womb Ceremony, it just won't have the same amplitude of healing power that's available during the Live Event's 24 hour window.
    This primarily, so you can revisit it during your bleeding time,  or if you wish to make a regular practice out of the powerful Creative Process!
    I highly recommend both.
    How much you put into this, will definitely shape what you receive from it.

♥ What is Ceremony?

♥ 9 Years in the Making - The Womb Ceremony's Story   (it's short)

♥ Video Clips from Past Womb Ceremonies

♥ Questions? Comments? Post them below ↓


Thursday Sept 1st

LIVE : : 8pm - 10pm AEST
When's this in my Time Zone?
(Registration closes at 7pm AEST, the day of Ceremony)

OR : : Anytime 24 hrs after we begin at 8pm AEST
(See the info in 'Logistics' ↑ above)

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About Me : : Barbara Ma-El

Barbara Ma-el I adore the Mystery beneath My every crack.

The stories I have thrown into the fire have forged the medicine I carry, even as they continue to carry me down-stream, like petals floating in moonlight.
The weave of the past provides the texture that I dance upon:

  • For 18 years I've been awakening within the timeless Ways Of The Womb.

  • ’The Pregnant Earth’ was a fine art & pregnancy photography business I founded in the US, that also led me into a great number of birthing rooms as a professional doula.

  • Powerful Sacred Altars Of Earth all over the world summoned & delivered me, over many years, into direct Mystical Initiations of Womb, Heart and Body.

  • Padma Aon Prakasha, author of 'Womb Wisdom' & 'The Power Of Shakti', was a mentor for 4 years, but don't be too impressed by that. Just because someone writes books doesn't mean they ought to automatically earn our credence. Credence ought to first be given to our personal experience and these experiences earnt the title of "The Final Abuse" in my life.
    Rather, be impressed by the depths of darkness one is capable of embracing and emmerging from. Rebirthed.
    The dark never lies & always delivers us into Truth. Light is easily manipulated and spells can be cast with words.
    I learnt what 'womb work' wasn't. I learnt what 'sisterhood' wasn't.
    These were my final initiations for The Womb-Heart to finally become my Sovereign teacher, healer and guide.

  • In the land of the Dreamtime, I journeyed for 13 Life-changing Moons into the depths of the Blood Mysteries. Here I was finally allowed to drink from bottomless cups of sweetness, drawn from the well of authentic sisterhod. Together we quested under the naked moon, giving all of ourselves to the naked earth. I received great dreaming.

The Womb Medicine I share seems to be quite potent at aligning and awakening Women who are ready, to know the Womb within themselves.

My role is to hold you in Love’s spaciousness for this meeting within the One great gentle Womb of your remembering,
that you may come to trust your Sovereign Body of Wisdom,
soften into your Heart’s Ocean of Love
and activate your authentic Power to Create.

I tend a holy flame that together with our men, we may Envision, Dream & Create our world anew from the inside-out, in celebration and in the hot wild fierce fire of Love!

I live & Love in Australia now, with my Beloved Lee Giddings & his two beautiful children. See more about us ...


  • BioProcess Engineering Degree
      (4yrs - with Honours, Massey University, New Zealand)

  • Masters in Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
       (1.5yrs, NM, USA - partially completed)

  • Core Energetics - Body Centered Psychotherapy
      (Based on the work of Wilhelm Reich. Training : 2yrs, NYC, USA)

  • Artist, Self-taught
       (Owner of PregnantEarth.com art business 1999-2011, USA)

  • Birth Doula, DONA certified
       (2000-2003, USA)

  • Direct Mystical Initiations & Intensive Preparation into the Ways of the Womb
      (2006 - 2011 : India, Hawaii, South America, Europe, Egypt)
      Teaching : 2010 -> now (USA, Australia, Europe)

  • Advanced Liquid Crystals Practitioner Credentials:

    ∞ Practitioner Training - Level 1 (2011) & Advanced (2014 + 2017)
    ∞ The Crystalline Seeds of Physical Healing (2012)
    ∞ The Star Child Directives 1 (2013) & 2 (2014)
    ∞ The Crystalline Way of Oneness (2012)
    ∞ The Crystalline Consciousness Directives (2012)
    ∞ The Teachers of the Great Oceans (2013)
    ∞ The Garment Of Stars (2016)
    ∞ Art of The Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Chaser Series (2016)

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