Montage of 3 images -Chartres Cathedral Round Rose Stain Glass Window, Candle held in loving hands and Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth

The Womb Ceremony's Story

Your body will tell you when it's your time.

Listen carefully.

It may come as a quiet yearning
to heal something un-nameable;
to unite with something
you didn’t even know was missing.

It all began at Chartres Cathedral in France, which is a powerful Sacred Altar of Earth.
Long before the Christians built their sequence of churches and today's cathedral, there's been a Temple dedicated to the Goddess at this site since the time of the Ancient Druids in Central Europe - and probably long before that.
Serendipitously, 9 months after I returned from the induction and initiation my Womb received directly from the Earth there, I mustered up the courage to hold the first one of these Ceremonies from my living room in Northern California. It was July 2007 and I called them "The Womb Blessing" back then.

They have evolved me and so of course, the Ceremonies have evolved, too.
After I moved to Australia in 2011, I changed the name to "The Womb Ceremony".
I stopped holding the local ceremonies for a while, because something new was gestating around them.
I waited and I waited.
Then it finally began to emerge - a potent new format for offering these globally to Women all over the World in the cosiness of their own homes.

I wish to acknowledge the inspiration that Arion Light's potent Life Work with Creative Mastery / Activation Program has ignited for these new Womb Ceremonies and for his generous permission for me to 'Wombify' and make my own way with what I've embodied as a result of working / playing / creating with him. Thank you.

I must also acknowledge the incredible life work of Alexandra Pope & Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer that they've published in WILD POWER. Their contribution ignited the ancient wisdom of Healing & Creating in concert with the Menstrual / Lunar Cycle for me, so that I've been able to align these ceremonies upon a template of this profound natural rythmn, now.

The profound unconditional holding by Sh'ana Shean & Kaggi Valentine during my rites of passage over 13 moons, provided the fertile soil for this new octave. Thank-you Beloveds.

It is such an honor to finally be facilitating these in a way that can reach Women everywhere On Earth . . . in concert with The Cyclic Order Of The Earth's Mineral Kingdom because it's with the Earth that these all began!

- Barbara Ma-El : : Sept 2108   See more about me, here ...