Pulse of the Dragon
The Truth About 'Womb Pulsing'


I received the teachings of 'Womb Pulsing' from Padma Aon Prakasha over a period of 3 years, between 2008 - 2011.
He was never transparent regarding where this practice came from, other than to say it was "Tibetan."
I trusted him and went on to facilitate this work in good faith with many people who came in trust to my events at festivals and in my workshops.

In March 2018, I found out that Prakasha stole and distorted the ovary / testes circuits and the hara circuits from Suzanne Prabhuta’s Pulsing Heart Tantra Body Work, when he attended several of her workshops in the UK during the early 2000s. She had, at that time, just returned from living in India for 12 years, where she’d been teaching Tibetan Pulsing in Osho's Ashram.

Here are Susanne Prabhuta's own words on the matter :
"On my return from living in India for 12 years, teaching Tibetan Pulsing in Osho's Ashram, one day Aon Padma came to my pulsing workshop in the UK in early 2000s, and therefore experienced a few sessions from two circuits only, testes/ovaries and Hara.
I came to realise he was doing everything he could to take the work only not in the right way. Steal the work. Even though he had come to my workshops, it become clear he was trying to subjugate and dominate me and others in any way he could.
I then withdrew from any contact with him.
What followed was Padma creating the womb wisdom work, part of which he included the Tibetan pulsing. He is not a trained practitioner in the Pulsing work and over the years I have met people who tell me horror stories of how he is doing the pulsing. Please know this is not pulsing.
I need to tell all the teachers he trained to change the name from pulsing. He has no understanding of the 'pulse' or the work. This is a distortion of what is a powerful transformative energy work.
Working with the 'pulse' means just that, feeling and pulsing from the heart which is aligning you with the universal energy.
It is not supposed to be painful or brutal. The more you relax, the more you get in touch with yourself on a very deep level and what is held in the cells. It is not a BRUTAL process. In all my years of pulsing (since 1980s) no one was ever damaged or had cracked ribs.
Tibetan Pulsing or the 'pulse' is for unification, we are one, not using the power of the work for being a false guru. Being with Padma was like going back in time to the old paradigm, using so called 'spiritual mind' to terrorise, dominate in the name of love and Christ energy, Only it wasn't Christed energy.

Thank you to Faranak Mirjalili for your courage in making everyone aware of the distortion.
When I saw Anaiya's recent zoom meeting I was shocked by how far this has gone.
I am so sorry many women had to go through this, with a false teacher who used brutality and miss use of power.
From the moment of meeting Padma, my discernment grew a thousand fold.

As the female energy returns to power with the new paradigm, so women come back up through their wounds to find their voice and will no longer be attracted to such things."


I wish to express my sincerest regrets.
I'm sorry if this work served to retraumatize you, in any way, on account of what I was not yet aware of.
Know that I held space for you with the integrity I had available to me at the time.
Clearly, I will never be providing or teaching this practice nor any other I learnt from Prakasha, in any way what-so-ever, again.


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