What's a Master Deva?

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Master Devas are great Beings who exist in the Devic Kingdom.
They are the big brothers and sisters of the elementals, also known as Gnomes, Fairies, Sylphs and Nymphs.

Each Crystal has a Master Deva associated with it, which could be thought of as the Spirit of the Crystal or an Angel of the Earth. Although much of the Devic world has long been forgotten, the re-emergence of The Liquid Crystals represent its rebirth, offering us the pathways to explore their worlds.

Collectively, we've taken thousands of years to be ready for this returning and contemporarily, The Liquid Crystals have taken 15 years to remember create and perfect for our modern world.

The Whole of each Crystal's Devic Intelligence has been united once more, and has been able to re-emmerge, as a "Master Deva", because Crystalline Integrity has been sucessfully mastered for each. This was achieved by collecting stones from every country, region and area of the world where a given mineral is found and alchemically reuniting them. This often meant thousands of pieces of the same mineral from different origins were brought back into Unity and Oneness. This ensured that each Liquid Crystal is a holistic representation of that mineral. It is a reunion that took place to facilitate our planet back to Oneness.

This evolutionary event, makes TLC the world's first Global Vibrational Therapy and a truly holistic modality.
They offer us the next important evolutionary step forward.

© 2013, Justin Moikehar Asar  

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