More About The Starchild Liquid Crystals

Bringing Us Powerfully into Soul Frequency

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The Starchild Liquid Crystals activate & anchor Soul Purpose & Gifts unlike anything else on Earth at this time.

blue heart They hold the power to rewrite & activate DNA.

blue heart These are Definitely for Adults too, even as they also support children who are struggling with the overly mental World. (That's on it's way out!)

blue heart A Star Child is One who has incarnate into a body that's genetically and evolutionarily designed to FEEL more. Other than this they are the same as everyone else.
Humanity is currently in transition from a paradigm founded predominantly in Power & Thought, to Being able to embrace a lot more Love & Feeling. A lot more!

blue heart In December 2013, thirty-three new Liquid Crystals were released.
They are the next octave of minerals & crystalline wisdom that the Earth is providing for the generation bearing us into the future – all the children born after about 1968, through now, and onwards for the next 500 years of our collective evolution.
These new Crystals are potent game-changers due to their incredibly high frequencies and their ability to rewrite & activate DNA. They are worthy of great respect.
Many of these crystals are not that well known yet : : See the full list, here.

• These crystals are available as Single Liquid Crystal Remedies by consultation only : Book a Consultation button

• They are also available in synergistic families of 3 in the Starchild Combination Remedies, here