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In this age of information-overload, we know so much and when we don’t, we can just google it.

Your Body, however, knows things that can’t be googled or found on youtube!
Yes, however unbelievable that may sound, it's true - true!

Your Body holds the secrets of the Universe, because it gestated and grew inside the Mysteries which pulled your Spirit down from the Stars to become magically blended with Atoms of Substance, over nine moons.
You were bourne into the tides of time under your star, by an uncontrollable surge of Nature.
Ideally - in a Wild Orgasmic rush of waters onto Earth.

In the subjugation of Nature, the Earth and the Feminine we’ve become quite disconnected from the Miracle of our Bodies.

Your Body is of the Earth and it’s structure is built with minerals.
The Earth's Mineral Kingdom cycles through the energy of a different Crystal, Precious Metal, Gemstone or Mineral everyday in a specific cyclic order. See below
So the cyclic order of the mineral kingdom has a profound effect on your life, as these cycles sing through your body, anew everyday, too.
Minerals belong to the Devic Kingdom and they are the stewards of Nature's Wisdom.
This is Wisdom you have access to within your own Body.
It is not static. It's always changing and evolving.

Knowledge of this cycle was lost and has been returned to us from Ancient times by Justin Moiekhar Asar, the creator of The Liquid Crystals.
It is a natural order, aligned to the Mayan Calendar.

To find out Today's Crystal / Mineral / Precious Metal
see the DAILY WOMB WISDOM section, on the WOW! home pg, here.

I wrote the chapters of WOMB SONG by tuning-in and listening to the Cyclic Heart of the Earth - The Womb of the World - everyday over many moons, with my Body, Womb, Heart and Mind.
I received so much.
Actually, it saved my life.

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Each correlates to a foundational mineral, gemstone, precious metal or crystal.
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Womb Song gives voice :
to the insights I received from the Mineral Kingdom's Symphony only to give you a bearing for accessing your own source of Wisdom within!

>>> You can learn how to Receive Wisdom for Your Life directly from the Earth & The Womb Of The World, too :

Use these chapters :
Like a set of training-wheels. Let them draw you into Meditation; into the Silence between the Words; the Womb-Space between the Thoughts, so that you may receive your own insights on any given day, for your unique Life.

 As a guidepost on the days when you know you can benefit from some grounding and anchoring into Your Body's Life. Re-visit the crystals / chapters that you find challenging - especially on that crystal's day. To really receive a crystal's gifts, healing and embodiment, take its Liquid Crystal as a Single Remedy for 21 days.

Some of the chapters contain Body Prayers. They open the body to reveal mysteries that are beyond words. (The audio recordings for these are coming - join Voice Of The Womb to stay up-to-date.)

Please share in the Comments below each chapter : : Contribute to an Evolving pool of Wisdom : : Ask Questions. We all have different access points into The Womb of The World.

I offer these songs freely for your benefit.
© This does Not mean you are free to do with them as you wish. Please feel free to Link to any of their pages. To be clear, however, you do Not have permission to copy my content and publish it online or in any other medium. There are some exceptions : See my republication policy here ©

If you've benefited from the Wisdom within these Songs and you'd like to supprt their continued evolution or simply give thanks with a contribution, this is always welcomed and deeply appreciated.

If you've benefited from Womb Song, please make a Contribution  Thank you! Your Contribution means more Beauty can be Shared.


Over the course of a year, the Earth moves through each of her 77 principal minerals in a specific cyclic order.

All 77 are either dormant or active to varying degree in Your Body. They each yearn to be actively engaged with to become your Teachers, Healers and Best Magical Friends.
You can purchase any of them as Liquid Crystal Remedies, in Wow!s Magical Boutique. In their specialized liquid forms, these Geometric Medicines can be safely taken into the Body, for profound effect. Learn more . . .

To find out Today's Crystal / Mineral / Precious Metal
see the DAILY WOMB WISDOM section, on WoW!s home pg.


1. Larimar
2. Tanzanite
3. Pyrite
4. Boji Stone
5. Clear Quartz
6. Diamond
7. Pink Tourmaline
8. Charoite
9. Lapis Lazuli
10. Sodalite
11. Rhodochrosite
12. Selenite
13. Hemimorphite
14. Turquoise
15. Sugilite
16. Sapphire
17. Pearl
18. Black Coral
19. Green Tourmaline
20. Chrysocolla
21. Herkimer Diamond
22. Citrine
23. Gold
24. Amethyst
25. Angelite
26. Amazonite
27. Fluorite
28. Lepidolite
29. Zircon
30. Ruby
31. Labradorite
32. Green Calcite
33. Agate Botswana
34. Kyanite
35. Black Tourmaline
36. Topaz
37. Emerald
38. Sunstone
39. Clear Calcite
40. Peridot
41. Red Jasper
42. Kunzite
43. Crocoite
44. Silver
45. Rose Quartz
46. Morganite
47. Malachite
48. Carnelian
49. Bloodstone
50. Blue Lace Agate
51. Rhodonite
52. Azurite
53. Smoky Quartz
54. Aquamarine
55. Tigers Eye
56. Opal
57. Moonstone
58. Jade
59. Black Onyx
60. Apatite
61. Apophyllite
62. Amber
63. Iolite
64. Aventurine
65. Hematite
66. Sulphur
67. Lodestone
68. Petrified Wood
69. Chrysoprase
70. Howlite
71. Moldavite
72. Obsidian
73. Celesite
74. Elestial Quartz
75. Dioptase
76. Peach Calcite
77. Garnet

↑ Cyclic Order
© Justin Moikeha Asar ↑

* Four times a year this is a 72 day cycle
& once a year in July, its a special 77 day cycle.

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