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Create Success By Embodying Heart - With the Crystal Chrysoprase's Help

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. : The Aspects of Creative Potential that Chrysoprase Activates in Our Lives : .

  • The open vulnerable heart fearlessly leads the way to success & fulfilment on every level.

  • Forward momentum is fuelled by certainty & trust found in the embrace of the unknown.

  • Receives the impulse / the guidance / the inspiration & just goes and does it!

  • Pulls accomplishments off gracefully with aplomb, panache and ease.

  • Totally free from the fear of failure - understands that set backs / navigational adjustments are part of the creative process and does not identify with them.

  • Is free of the fear of judgement - from both within and without.

  • The endless possibilities presented by freedom & choice are embraced & discerned with joy.

  • Commitment in Relationship comes naturally.

  • The Flame of Individuality burns Bright.

  • Accepting & Forgiving of Others.


Aspects of the subconscious Chrysoprase brings to Light, helping us to resolve, forgive, heal or integrate CREATIVE blocks & distortion

  • Procrastination, Fear of Failure, Stuck in repetitive patterns prevent Forward Momentum in Life.

  • So afraid of being 'wrong' / making a 'wrong' move that inactivity & judgement of self and others manifests.

  • Lets mistakes defeat & define rather than using them to inform the next steps & fuel forward momentum.

  • Fear prevents The Heart's desires & guidance from being clearly known / heard / seen / perceived.
    A broken heart - reluctant to trust again. Closed.
    Inability to forgive past experiences - within or without - prevent the Heart's ability to move on and inspire forward momentum.
    Afraid to step into the uncharted waters of a new relationship.

  • Avoids & denies the Soul & its Directives.
    Creative impotence / infertility.
    Leads to depression. Real Joy is scarce.

  • The infinite possibilities of freedom & choice that are our birthright are just too downright scary.
    (This may be due to a rightfully intuited sense of responsibility & accountability for the consequences of actions taken.)

  • Stubborn refusal to budge from the stagnant comfort of what is known.
    Terrified of the Unknown.
    Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual stagnation manifests.

  • Attempting to live up to an external standard displaces power and effectiveness.
    This habit distracts from following one's own heart.
    Conformity extinguishes the Flame of Individuality & the authentic drive to contribute unique value.
    A collapsed belief in Self, generates ineffective actions.

  • May have lost hope and can't see the possibilities.
    Lives with a sense of derailment. Off-track. Lost.
    Unable to 'pull out of the station'. Down on oneself for inactivity.

  • Unwilling to take risks. Prefers the perceived safety of a by-stander. Lends to orienting as a victim - not taking charge of one's life.
    Resentful. Frustrated.
    Opportunities pass by - unnoticed - all the time.

  • Castrated Self-Esteem / Sense of Place in the world, limits ability to contribute.

  • The distortion of the natural Masculine Pathways of Directed Action have been permitted to violate, dominate with power-over, push & force egoic agendas that eclipse possibilities for authentic progress (for all) & inclusive stewardship.


Animal Totem : : Deer

Essential Oil : : Fennel

Simple Purpose : : Fearless Movement

Message from Master Deva Lemurel :

"Step forward into the uncharted waters of life's experience. I will guide you. Let there be no fear in this, as continuous Joy is your divine right. I carry the spark that will re-light the flame of individuality within you allowing your unity with all to become known once again. Open to my all encompassing love and be now present."

• REF : : Liquid Crystal Oracle : : by Justin Moikeha Asar •


>>> Either do a 'Creation-ing Process' or a 'Transmutation / Healing Process' with any of the above aspects that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

>>> Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

>>> Take Chrysoprase's Liquid Crystal for 21 days to help you Heal, receive unique Gifts, integrate lessons and to harness Creative Expansion around any aspects in this chapter.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

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