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Create Magic By Embodying The Rainbow Bridge - With the Crystal Apophyllite's Help

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. : The Aspects of Creative Potential that Apophyllite Activates in Our Lives : .

  • Able to regularly detox the mentally generated Astral Body in the dream state during sleep.
    ↓ This allows the following aspects to be manifest & enjoyed ↓

  • Integrated Creativity - The Mind and The Soul have access to each other via the Astral Body

  • Dreams - on both sides of veil - are remembered, respected and acted upon

  • Innocent Trust & Delight in the lessons & discoveries made in The Dreamtime

  • Inner Vision is open and clear - able to receive Higher Truth & Inspiration

  • Sees with the Eyes of The Heart - travels freely on the Rainbow Bridge of Creation, allowing dreams to be made manifest

  • Flies & Plays freely in the imaginal realms

  • Finds reassurance & relishes-in Life's unexpected Magic. Believes in Magic.

  • Respects the Spirit path of others, because is deeply aligned to one's own Spirit within Physicality


Aspects of the subconscious Apophyllite brings to Light, helping us to resolve, forgive, heal or integrate CREATIVE blocks & distortion

  • Unable to recall dreams & receive their important messages due to accumulated mental energy in the Astral Body, with toxic thought contributing to stagnation.

  • Unconscious of the importance of Dreaming

  • Closed to Life's magic. Disbelief in Magic.

  • Unwilling to play beyond the material world. Suppressed sense of play & the joy of discovery.

  • Not willing to perceive creative solutions outside the box of conventional thought. Limited thinking. Stubborn. Goes around in circles with the same problems.

  • Feels trapped in the Mundane. Despises, rejects, discredits anything unexplainable, illogical or mysterious. Unimaginative. Un-magical aka: Muggle / No-Mage, in Harry-Potter-speak!

  • Asleep to the truth of one's expansive nature. Bound by perceived limitations. Unable to give credence to one's Super-Powers. Magical powers & gifts are not yet activated & embodied. Definitely no conscious star-travel going-on!

  • Contempt for Spiritual paths. Ignorant of the Spirit's Sovereignty within Self, which can lead to disrespect and violation of another's truth.

  • Deaf, dum and blind to higher Truth/s.


Animal Totem : : The Horse (especially white)

Essential Oil : : Mugwort (caution toxic)

Simple Purpose : : Astral Travel

Message from Master Deva Kali-m-el :

"I am a connector. I link you physically with the divine that you are, allowing spirit to be a reality. Time and space are no limitation within the bounds of my frequency and you will see their illusion as you link through me back to all that you are."

• REF : : Liquid Crystal Oracle : : by Justin Moikeha Asar •


>>> Either do a 'Creation-ing Process' or a 'Transmutation / Healing Process' with any of the above aspects that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

>>> Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

>>> Take Apophyllite's Liquid Crystal for 21 days to help you Heal, receive unique Gifts, integrate lessons and to harness Creative Expansion around any aspects in this chapter.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

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