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Create Honestly By Embodying Self-Knowledge - With The Crystal Hemimorphite's Help

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. : The Aspects of Creative Potential that Hemimorphite Activates in Our Lives : .

  • Moves gently in the world with confidence, surety & self-conviction that's undefended & free of negative ego influences.

  • Finds strength in (authentic) humility & softness; in gentle respectful ways.
    Makes big waves gently.

  • Impeccably honest with Self.
    Embodies healthy Self-Respect and Self-Love.
    Implicitly trusts Life and the *True* Self.

  • Self responsible, aware & accountable to own actions, thoughts & emotional states.

  • Embodies high levels of Self-Knowledge - is acutely aware of the ways & habits with which one gives away Personal Power.
    Aware of the creations of others that demand a loss of Personal Power & maintains Self-Loving boundaries accordingly.

  • Higher communication pathways are open & active.


Aspects of the subconscious Hemimorphite brings to Light, helping us to resolve, forgive, heal or integrate CREATIVE blocks & distortion

  • A misplaced love of everything except the Self generates egotistical character / personality structures.
    Unrealized potential.

  • Work is Life orientation.

  • Selfish & self-centred due to a loss of personal power, self-respect, self-confidence and / or self-love.
    Tends to manifest harsh, unloving behaviours. Possibly even cruel or abusive.

  • Comparative consciousness is given too much air time.
    Rejects or is blind to one's own unique amazingness & so projects it out onto others, giving away personal power. Puts others (or self) on a pedestal too easily.
    The world is seen & experienced through the lens of better-than / less-than.
    Dominate / be-dominated is a primary operative, with possible disdain for equality that honors everyone's differences & unique gifts, alike.

  • A portion of one's personal power is caught-up / is being consumed / is trapped in another's creation.

  • Moves out of integrity with the *true* Self & so creates a dishonest life.
    Masks & facades are (often unconsciously) employed to deflect one's lack-lustre inner life.
    Defiles truth and defies. Deception.

  • All 'The Games Played for Thrones' - seeking power over others to compensate for the forgotten sovereign ability one & all has to source it from within.
    Subtly and / or overtly violates the Sovereignty of other Beings.
    Derives a sense a power through destruction. Addiction to power mongering.
    These outer appearances of artificial power mask an inner weakness & emptiness.

  • Irresponsible & ignorant of the effect of one's actions.
    Possibly unaware / insensitive to the needs or feelings of others or that one's actions could be harmful to them.
    Knowingly or unknowingly takes advantage of others without conscience / consciousness.
    Careless in word & action, because really doesn't care.
    Feeds off the power of others: covert theft, overt coercion, bribery to extract or squeeze with pressure, potentially taking one further & further away from the only true secure source of personal power - within.

  • Inauthentic, disingenuous actions inevitably culminate in undesirable negative consequences.

  • The forgotten ability to access one's own personal power leads to pushy aggressive behaviour, believing has to make-things-happen in life. Lives at odds with Life itself - often unable to trust innate goodness, anymore.

  • Cut-throat in business. Competitive to the point of making brutal, ruthless choices.
    Will do anything at any cost to another to get ahead - stepping-over, crushing, excluding, separating for one's own supposed (ill perceived) 'success'.
    Betrays own values to get status, assets, attention or glory.
    Rules & dominates with an iron fist.
    False pride is always riddled with jealousy founded upon insecurity.

  • Has either created a puffed-up personality, acting big to cover up unacceptable feelings of smallness & inadequacy, or has gone the other direction with it to identify with beliefs that one really is small & irrelevant, opting for the down-trodden, doormat mode/s.
    No matter which way you slice it, both are manifestations of the negative ego - one just gets more (mis-placed) kudos & validation from the world.

  • All the really big stuff that has defined the messed-up state of the world belongs in here :
    - The global politics that have caused war & poverty
    - The multi-gazzilion dollar sex-slave industry
    - The porn industry
    - The illicit 'recreational' drug trade
    - Killers, assassins, murderers
    - Rapists, pedophiles and their clandestine rings
    - harmful farming & food production practices
    + ANY profiteering that harms another being or the environment !


Animal Totem : : Giant Panda

Essential Oil : : Ginger

Simple Purpose : : The Egoless State

Message from Master Deva Hem-u-e-el :

"Open to the joy of God which can only be seen without Ego. I am the provider of the Mirror of self. I carry the gift of the Egoless state through the facilitation of Self-respect and Self-love on all Levels. I am aiding you to see you are the creator of all you are and possess. Your Happiness is but a reflection of this Fact."

• REF : : Liquid Crystal Oracle : : by Justin Moikeha Asar •


>>> Either do a 'Creation-ing Process' or a 'Transmutation / Healing Process' with any of the above aspects that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

>>> Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

>>> Take Hemimorphite's Liquid Crystal for 21 days to help you Heal, receive unique Gifts, integrate lessons and to harness Creative Expansion around any aspects in this chapter.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

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