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"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, one finds it attached to the rest of the world." - John Muir, Naturalist

The Womb & it's masculine equivalent in the energetic Dan Tian, The Void, The Source of Life & Love, The Beloved, The Doorway of Heart is - no matter by what name we call it - The Domain Of Truth.

When we don't nurture or cultivate Truthful Knowledge of Self, we leave ourselves vulnerable to living someone else's life. We become prone to temporarily becoming what the world would have us be & doing what others would have us do.
This can lead to becoming quite lost to ourselves and our unique gifts that we were born to share.
Authentic Joy, Freedom, Fulfillment, Peace & Prosperity become sparse because Evolution of the Self & the World is often not being served.


  • Have you ever attracted, manifest or created stuff that you didn't want?
    ( . . . and then perhaps wondered how the heck that ever happened?)

  • Do you have circumstances in your life that you'd prefer to be without? Or that you'd love to move beyond?

  • Or maybe you keep attracting or re-creating similar versions of the same crap again and again?

Did you know that your subconscious has THE final say on what you may or may not Create, Manifest or Attract?

This is because it has main-line access to both your Soul's Directives AND to all your sh*t!
This puts the subconscious in a very powerful position because it's the gateway through which all must pass before manifesting into physicality. A gateway that allows the sh*t to manifest in all its horrible glory as well as the Soul's Highest most sublime Gifts & Callings.

The Womb & the masculine Dan Tian, being the gateways that Birth Creation (feminine) and that Activate Creation (masculine), are therefore also where we contact the subconscious.

WOMB SONG is a free resource that provides a grounded structure for navigating the deep wild waters of Creating - anything. It is because Creating inevitably involves dealing with things we cannot initially see nor know, sitting in the subconscious, that a structured map prooves to be invaluable.

The structured map, I'm providing here, arises from it's natural home, within Creation itself (of course!) : in the Wisdom Cycles of The Earth's Mineral kingdom.
The exquisite perfection of this, is that minerals are what help us embody & crystals are what help us activate the many aspects available to us as Creative Souls in Human Bodies. Bodies made of the Earth's substance from the food we eat, grown in Soil. Bodies whose blood flows with minerals, activating consciousness all-the-blessed-time. Consciousness that we share with the Earth.

"What We Embody, We Create" - Arion Light, in CREATIVE MASTERY

. . . and we need look no further than the internal mircale of what's alchemizing in a Pregnant Woman's Body, to appreciate this living breathing truth.

The Grounded Structure For Navigating The Unknown Waters Of Creating :

The Earth's Mineral Kingdom cycles through the energy of a different Crystal, Precious Metal, Gemstone or Mineral everyday in a specific cyclic order.
It informs the Wisdom that The Earth sings up most loudly from the Heart Of The Earth / Womb Of The World on any given day.

Just as the celestial Astrological Cycles of the well known Zodiac affect our lives, so too does the Cyclic Order of the Mineral Kingdom, in the Earth right under our feet. Perhaps even more so, since minerals not only contribute to the Structure of our Bodies but they also inform & create the Consciousness Pulsating in our Blood.

  • You'll always be able to find out which of the 77 principal minerals the Earth is singing up on any given day, here on WoW!org's home page.
    (Everyday a Creation Mandala that's aligned to the Wisdom of the Mineral Kingdom, the Love of the Plant Kingdom and the Power of the Animal Kingdom, as well as the link to its corresponding chaper in WOMB SONG, gets posted there.)

  • In the chapter of WOMB SONG that you’re either drawn or guided to : Contemplate, Meditate, Pray with any of the aspects provided that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

  • Contemplating, pursuing personal inquiry or meditating regularly / daily in this way, is a powerfully grounded way to gain insight into your unique expression and Creation of Life. This is because on any given mineral's day, it’s also the energy that’s most active in your body & therefore in your consciousness, too.

  • You can also access any of the 77 aspects of Wisdom on any day.
    I've provided an audio file with a practice to help you tune-in to receive Healing, Wisdom, Activation or Initiation directly from the Earth via Your Body : Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey, here.

  • You'll find all the chapter links to each of the Earth's 77 crystals & minerals in the THE GOODNESS MENU on the upper right-hand side of this page ↑ →

  • To receive the template for The Initiatory Creation Cycle & to learn how to access *Your* Creation Codes, join the next Global Womb Ceremony - held monthly.

  • You may also wish to take a mineral's vibrational Liquid crystal Remedy, for 21 days to further uncover, receive and integrate your unique gifts & lessons or to harness creative growth. They're all available in our online shop, here.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2018

WOMB SONG : : A BOOK OF REVELATION is being provided for our collective evolution during these times of unprecedented change.

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© Barbara Ma-El, 2018

© Barbara Ma-El, 2018

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