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Create Balance By Embodying The Earth's Pulse - With The Crystal Boji Stone's Help

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. : The Aspects of Creative Potential that Boji Stone Contributes to Our Lives: .

  • Grounded & Centred. Balance & Equality are gracefully maintained.
    Individual integration has been found within the embrace & understanding of Oneness.

  • Thoughts & emotions flow in an easy natural balance.

  • Aligned to Natural Law in every level of life - particularly in the cycles of Giving & Receiving.

  • The Breath's exhale is naturally balanced with the inhale. Breathing is deep, relaxed and open.

  • Has found peace & balance with all aspects of Masculine & Feminine manifestations across the entire spectrum of Creation.

  • Grounded in deep respectful relationship with the Earth, Physicality and one's Physical Body.

  • The physical & the energetic sensations of Heart & Genitals are integrated, responsive & sensitised to delicate nuances.


Aspects of the subconscious Boji Stone brings to Light, helping us to resolve, forgive, heal or integrate CREATIVE blocks & distortion

  • Divided & fragmented within Self. Quite disconnected from the living pulse of the Earth.

  • Over-identified with either thoughts or feelings, masculine or feminine pathways, including The Divine Masculine or The Divine Feminine.

  • Insensitive & out of touch with natural bodily needs and processes.
    Low Body Awareness with areas that are dormant or numb to sensation - particularly in either the heart or genital areas. These two energy centers are not in alignment with one another.
    Can include possible unresponsiveness and / or numbness of either Thought or Feeling.

  • Physical, emotional or mental energies have become blocked, stuck, stagnant or constipated due to chronic imbalance/s.
    In profound need of healing.
    Chronic Physical Pain due to chronic stagnation of either thought energy or emotional energy - or both.

  • Ungrounded. Off-center, off-track, off-base. Foundations are weak & causes Stress.

  • Struggles or is reluctant to reconcile & unify disjointed or incongruent aspects of Self.
    An unconscious contempt for the Union or balance of opposites could also be factor.
    Habitually polarizes & takes sides - is unable to hold or even see the possibility for the central balance-point in any given situation.

  • Sees everything to be black or white.
    Caught in separation consciousness that perpetuates imbalance - domination / submission , the battle of the sexes, patriarchy vs matriarchy. Rigid beliefs around gender stereotypes.

  • Stuck on 'Mother Earth' and 'Father Sky'. Unaware that Father Earth and Mother Sky must also exist for balance.
    Heaven and Earth are divorced within one's embodied experience. Whole realms remain hidden on Earth; the Magic remains unseen.

  • Lack of respect for / arrogance towards the exceptional phenomenon & rarefied spiritual opportunities of the physical.
    Does not perceive / cannot appreciate the physical as a profound gateway to Spirit (that's simply unavailable any other way)

  • Out of balance in Giving-Receiving - in relationship & with the cycles of the Earth, taking for granted, taking greedy ownership.
    Abuse of Earth - often mirrored in neglect of the physical body, too. Rape of the Earth's resources.


Animal Totem : : Pig

Essential Oil : : Vetiver

Simple Purpose : : Balance, Align & Clear

"Sink deep into the earth feel her loving touch caress you. Allow her breath and pulse to become your own as you integrate her loving peace and stability. It is the facilitation of the physical body into ascension that I represent. I hold Earth's ascended frequency. I balance, clear, cleanse and Align. Take my hand. Accept my gift. Make our mutual work permanent through the only path available to you - your Intention to live as perfection."

• REF : : Liquid Crystal Oracle : : by Justin Moikeha Asar •


>>> Either do a 'Creation-ing Process' or a 'Transmutation / Healing Process' with any of the above aspects that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

>>> Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

>>> Take Boji Stone's Liquid Crystal for 21 days to help you Heal, receive unique Gifts, integrate lessons and to harness Creative Expansion around any aspects in this chapter.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

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