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Create To Serve By Embodying The Playful Child - With The Crystal Larimar's Help

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. : The Aspects of Creative Potential that Larimar Activates in Our Lives : .

  • Internally Spacious & Receptive to Flow & Ease.

  • Lives in Service without a compulsion to give. Is Simply the best one can be & takes care of Self first.

  • The innocence & magic of the Inner Child is active with spontaneity, playfulness that Loves & Laughs easily.

  • Feels free. Moves through life in fully expressed freedom.

  • The heart serves as a cooling, calm, peaceful guiding light for both mind & emotion.

  • Embodies a fearless connection to the Earth and the Cyclic Nature of the Feminine / Goddess.


Aspects of the subconscious Larimar brings to Light, helping us to resolve, forgive, heal or integrate CREATIVE blocks & distortion

  • Cannot authentically Give because has not given to Self (yet).
    Cannot authentically Serve because has not served the *True* Self (yet).
    Service has become ungrounded & thinned-out - it has become an obligation, a "should" or a "have-to".

  • Selfish to the exclusion of others and the world.
    Unable to see beyond one's own nose!
    No genuine interest in the welfare of others.

  • The inner child has forgotten how to play & laugh - believes it's a waste of time because it's seemingly unproductive.
    Has not been sufficiently loved, cared for, tended to and so feels very insecure. Me, me, me, I, i, i - is the survival mechanism that has persisted into adulthood.
    Has heard too many "no"s. Joy got squashed / stolen, leading to self-negation. May often be down on one's self and quite negative towards Self.
    Is often teary & overwhelmed by sadness.

  • Adult responsibility is not being taken for The Inner Child's Happiness, Joy, Freedom; The Magical Self's ingenious, imaginative, creative Self!
    The unmet Inner Child expresses demand, entitlement and expectation.
    Feels trapped.

  • The Heart has become a closed shell.
    Self-involved. Isolated. Lonely. Anti-social. Cruel. Lost. Heavy. Depressed. Abrupt.
    The mind is cut off from the Heart, so it's difficult to integrate emotion. Mind and emotion can be quite disjointed.

  • Fiery energies that mentally push, are not balanced with the cooling yin fluids of rest, play, peace and calm.
    In the extreme, fire gets out of control with aggression, irritation, impatience, contradiction, pain, anger, hurt & fear/.

  • Fosters competitiveness & rivalry because does not feel equal and could be unaware of one's unique role & gifts.

  • Workaholism. Addicted to productivity.
    Blind to the real value of giving & providing a service that's in an organic, spontaneous flow with Life.
    Too much structure blocks out the spaciousness for effortless flow to manifest with.


Animal Totem : : Beluga Whale (One of the Teachers / Dreamers of the Great Oceans)

Essential Oil : : Tuberose

Simple Purpose : : Service

Message from Master Deva Isisomel:

"Feel my peaceful wave brushing the shore calmly. I will float you along the unique path of your own service. Enter the times forgotten when man and all creation from angel to elemental walked together hand in hand. This is my world, now only perceived by those that desire perception. I am the teacher's teacher, igniting the playing field of life with the infinite pathways of joy and expression - each unique and all important. Step into me and the unlimited nature of creativity, growth and Knowledge will shine from you. You will be a lighthouse of purpose, calm on the rocks of fear, leading by example for others to behold as they pass in the darkness of uncertainty."

• REF : : Liquid Crystal Oracle : : by Justin Moikeha Asar •


>>> Either do a 'Creation-ing Process' or a 'Transmutation / Healing Process' with any of the above aspects that inspire you, that stand-out or carry a charge.

>>> Download this Guided Shamanic Drum Journey to help you receive the Earth's Wisdom and / or Body Wisdom around those aspects.

>>> Take Larimar's Liquid Crystal for 21 days to help you Heal, receive unique Gifts, integrate lessons and to harness Creative Expansion around any aspects in this chapter.

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

© Barbara Ma-El, 2017

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