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Privacy & Data Protection Policies

We are delighted that you’re interested in our organization.
Data protection, your Freewill and Privacy are very important to us at Way Of The Womb.
This notice explains our online information practices and the rights you have about the way your information is collected and used, retained or deleted.

Whilst we are based in Australia and are still in a fledging status, we have nonetheless chosen to become compliant with the European GDPR because we feel that data protection in our modern global economy to be of such vital importance and because we find the new practices to be Humane and Sane.

A link to this notice is provided in the footer of every webpage (but generally not in pop-ups) and at every point where personally identifiable information is requested.


Depending on how you choose to interact with our website  https://wayofthewomb.org you may be asked to provide personal information when requesting our services or purchasing our products.
All of the information collected during any type of registration, purchase, bookings for private sessions or consultations is strictly confidential.
Financial information is only shared with payment processors as needed.

The types of personal information collected are as follows :



All our computers are password protected with the new fingerprinted security feature.
We do not use phones or tablets to access our web server, Mailchimp account or any of the plug-in dashboards detailed above.

Additionally, where ever our service providers have made it possible, we've enabled the highest levels of security with 2-factor-authentication on all our online accounts, that house your information.


If you are worried about any of this just email us.

• Last updated May 2018 •