About The Womb

• The Womb is a Woman's access to The Infinite and Unknowable Mystery •

• The sections below, describe the Known Womb - inclusive of
yet also beyond the common associations of Menstrusation, Sex, Pregnancy and Birth •

The Anatomical Womb

The uterus is located just above and behind the pubic bone. When it's not pregnant, it's about the same size and shape as the human heart. It's positioned slightly differently in different women.

As well as the central Uterus, the Womb can be regarded to include the Vulva, the Clitoris, the Vaginal Canal, the Cervix, the Ovaries and the Fallopian Tubes.
Every Woman is exceptionally Unique. All of her anatomy is as varied in size and shape as are all the Flowers in the world. This is natural. Have you ever seen two roses that are identical?
Every woman also has a unique Pleasure blue-print, which is determined by how her Pelvic nerve plexus distributes itself throughout all of her Divine anatomy. Just the way we have a completely unique finger-print, so too, do we have a unique constellation of pelvic enervation.

Every Woman is uniquely beautiful and rare! Let's celebrate this, instead of comparing and measuring ourselves and one another against an idealized projection.

The Energetic Womb

Even if you've had your physical Womb removed, your Womb's blueprint remains in your energy field - in your subtle energy body. You can no longer conceive a human child, and yet there remain many things to be created and birthed into the world.

Energetically, the Womb forms an intrinsic part of the second chakra and flows with the qualities of the water element. Feeling. Emotion. Orange is the color of Shakti - the Hindu term for the Feminine Principle of Life Force; the Mother of Form.

The Energy of the Womb is the secret power behind what the Taosit Qi Gong tradition term the Dan Tian. A central reservoir of embodied love, power and wisdom described to be located in the region between the navel and the pubic bone. Many Qi Gong practice sequences cultivate, clear, heal and open this region of the body energetically.
Most of the surviving lineages of this wisdom stream are geared towards the way energy flows from the Hara in a man's body, so they sadly never openly speak of the Womb.
Humility and reverence, however, remain the immutable keys that open the doors to this magical pavilion.

All of the Womb's sexual anatomy forms a Woman's magnetic center. This is where the power of attraction is embodied. Electromagnetically the Womb is a Woman's negative or receptive pole - meaning the place through which she receives and attracts Life and Love.  A Woman's positive pole is at her heart - the place from which she penetrates the world with Love. 
For a man it's the opposite. His Hara (A Man's analogous energy center) and his genitalia are his positive pole from which he penetrates the world with Life and Love - sexually and energetically.  While his heart is his negative pole through which he receives and attracts Love.

The Womb is a perpetual fountain of infinite Energy - physical life energy, restorative regenerative healing energy, sensual sexual energy, creative productive energy, love, shakti - you name it, She's got it! All of manifest Creation is borne through a Womb - The Universal Womb, The Womb of the Earth, or the Womb of a Creature.
Accessing this energy is limited in most of us. This ability can definitely be nurtured and restored.

The Emotional Womb

The Womb is a profound center of feeling. Pay attention to your body next time you're overcome with feeling or emotion and you'll notice that it's epicenter is in your abdomen. If you are able to allow the full depth of this experience, you can trace your way back to your Womb.
When the Womb has been activated, cleared and embodied, it becomes an unshakeable foundation of inner security that allows the softness of the Feminine Heart to relax, bloom and open to infinite depth. Her irresistible fragrance emanates forth and her radiance touches the world.

Emotions are fluid, like water. We are all born from an amniotic sac of fluid.
The womb has a very special relationship to blood. Fertile women bleed from the womb every month and during pregnancy blood is gifted to a new life. Blood is 95% water that flows with minerals, proteins and hormones. Feelings and the ability to allow them to flow are also our life blood; the source of our vibrance and aliveness. The Womb has the capacity to hold them all - unconditionally.
When feelings become chronically stuck or repressed in our body, unable to flow freely into release, our vitality becomes stagnant and eventually dis-eased.

The Intelligent Womb

The intelligence behind conceiving, nurturing, birthing and sustaining Life is vast.
You have a brain in your pelvis - also known as 'the Womb' and its intelligence is beyond anything our conditioned minds can comprehend.

The Womb opens to a source of Wisdom that flows perpetually like fresh cool life-giving water from a deep well. The Voice of Wisdom is yours to begin listening for. It lies beyond the conditioned mind's habitual chatter and perpetual mental commentary.
Her voice has a different quality - quieter, slower, softer, but can also be quite radical, as she cares not for our cultural conditioning, religious rules, or society's savvy. This is the Voice of Life itself. A Voice that has historically been distorted at best and silenced at worst.
This intelligence is also known as your Womb Wisdom. It's the seat of your inner guru, your inner council and your inner teacher.
Are you listening? Your soul is speaking ... so is the soul of the World.

"I carry words upon my tides - I am the stream that carries wisdom from the place that never dies"

"If we don't afford ourselves the Gift of Silence, we shall never hear the Message of Universe"

The Mystical Womb

What the Womb opens to is beyond gender.
Beyond words. Beyond concept.
Beyond comprehension.
There is only Truth in the silence.
The ineffable silence that is the language of Love.
A silence so deafening, so all embracing, so dense with the purest potency of Infinity, that it dissolves every thought and construct that is not True to Love.
It holds the sound of the luminous Black Light.
The silence that births words that can only ever quietly point to what shall remain eternally unutterable.
Softly, it holds all paradox. It holds all.
The Great Mystery. The Alpha and Omega of Creation. The Void. Zero Point. Emptiness.
The Holiest of Holies. The Vacuum. Black Hole. Star Gate.

In the Mystery of the Womb,
there is no pain too deep that cannot dissolve into bliss,
no shadow too dark that cannot return to light,
no anger too violent that cannot diffuse into the peace that surpasses all understanding,
no fear too terrifying that cannot be restored to love,
no chasm that cannot be unified,
no knot too tangled that cannot be smoothed out,
no frantic neurosis, tension or stress that cannot find stillness and calm,
no demon too lost that cannot be found and brought home,
no deed too horrific that cannot be forgiven,
no grief too fathomless that cannot be released from its cage,
no enslavement that cannot be set free,
no sorrow that cannot become inexplicable joy,
no distortion that cannot be returned to Original Innocence.
The Womb brings everything Home.

In the Womb,
all wounds find their balm,
all problems find their solution,
all questions find their answer,
all weariness finds its rest,
all depletion finds its restoration,
all illness finds health,
all lack finds abundance.

Timeless. Formless. Nameless.
Infinite. Immortal. Eternal.

The Sexual Womb

The Womb rests at the epicenter of Human Sexuality.
As soon as we begin speaking about Sexuality, we have to include the Physical, the Emotional, the Energetic, the Mental and the Spiritual, because Sexual Energy is the Pulse of Life that brings it all into Being; into Creation.
The fibers of our physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual Being are woven together by the powerful orgasmic current of Life Energy - known as 'Sexuality' - that flows ceaselessly from the Womb and from the Hara in men.

Every type of orgasm a woman can have, is a momentary opening of the Womb. That's why they're so intoxicating. Clitoral orgasms, Vaginal orgasms, G-spot orgasms, Cervical orgasms, Heart-gasms, full body orgasms are all in effect, Womb-gasms. They all offer different pathways to the Womb with each anatomical area offering different qualities of consciousness to be met and surrendered to; different qualities of Love to be embodied.

Both Masculine and Feminine Sexuality offer the most direct openings into the Mystery of the Womb. When this emmense power is misused, it also does the most damage.

A man initiates the full opening of the Womb sexually. Simultaneously, it is the healed and opened Womb that initiates a Man. These initiations are a dance that move us upon the spiral of evolution. Each turn of the spiral presenting a new stage with different layers that ask for deeper levels of integrity, honesty, love and committment. This is the Wisdom stream behind THE TANTRIC WOMB.

The Dreaming Womb

Dreaming is how the Soul comes to Bear upon what's sitting in the Subconscious to determine what enters Physicality (Creation) or leaves Physicality (Healing).

Dreaming is the sensuous language of symbol, color, texture, archetype, temperature, fragrance - it’s the deep feminine language of Truth and Love.

The Womb is the Dreaming portal in women, that in the Web of Life, weaves with the Moon on gossamer threads of wise transparent vibration. The subconscious is a fluid blend of both thoughts and feelings that live beneath everyday consciousness and the moon effects these waters very powerfully.

These are the Dynamics we engage with in the monthly GLOBAL WOMB CEREMONY, for both Healing and Ceation.

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