Praise and Appreciation

Thanks go to all of YOU, for allowing
your heart to be touched
your body to be moved
your soul to be nourished and remembered.

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    "Barbara’s session helped me to ignite the Cauldron of my Womb!
    It began the night before with the energy clearing session, which I experienced deeply in my throat and womb.
    The next day Barbara guided me through the layers of my psychic barriers, until I was able to tune into what my womb wanted & needed. Barbara allowed me to be with whatever showed up, gently reminding me to embrace my truth & suporting me to trust that my inner knowing had all the answers.
    She holds a safe, sacred & beautiful space and exudes compassion, wisdom & grace from her many years of experience working with women. I highly recommend Barbara if you are looking to cleanse your Womb Space so you can own your feminine power & freely create what you want. "

    T Marcuzzi (Transformational Coach & Facilitator : : Melbourne, Australia)


    "I feel much better. After our session, over the next couple of days, I felt like something had been lifted and I felt more grounded and solid. I also started to experience much more pleasing dreams which has helped me with gaining a better quality of sleep. My breath has also become deeper and anxiety has lessened."

    Diana L (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Barbara gently and expertly created the space for me to be transported in to my womb, allowing my awareness of what was there to shine light and healing. Barbara is at once grounded in her heart and her body, thus is able to facilitate safe, real and authentic healing sessions with her clients. A wise and loving woman with much insight, I would recommend her to help you on your womb journey."

    Fiona Haasz (Melbourne, Australia)

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    "This will empower you as a Woman & give you access to healing things in your womb which might be contributing to repeating patterns that prevent you from living to your fullest potential. DO IT!"

    Fiona Haasz (Art Therapist, Pranic Healer : : Australia)

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    "I highly recommend the Womb Mandala for women who want help with healing unhealthy relationship attachments & for establishing supportive, clear personal boundaries.
    At first I struggled a little with the process but within a week of daily practice, I was able to identify and clear an aspect of my shadow in my womb space.
    The following day when I was doing my qigong & jade egg practices, I experienced an incredible energy & pulsing within my womb. I feel that clearing the shadow aspect cleared some energy blocks in my womb.
    I've since also been able to activate the life fore in my creative centre to a greater level than I'd previously been able to.

    I really appreciated the 7 day follow up and support from Barbara & the connection with the other women who attended our session. This helped to keep me inspired and to persist with the practice even though it did not come easily to me at first."

    Katherine Smith (Women's Wellness & Life Transition Coach, Naturopath : : Melbourne, Australia)


    "I'm really looking forward to greeting the results of this 'magic' in my outside world ... this could be the True Empowerment! I have the Power to CHOOSE. WOW !!! I have a way to affect my world. I'm excited. Thank you!"

    Kate Van Nooten (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Such a potent, poignant, direct and effective method to rapidly learn about myself & transform what I no longer need / want. I feel a deep sense of gratitude and relief that I now have this simple tool in my tool belt.
    Thank you, Barbara."

    Kelly Love (Ashland, OR, USA)


    "A BIG Thank You, for the Womb Mandala Session it was Truly Amazing.
    It helped me to put things in perspective and many "AHA"’s and understandings of why things have been as they have been.
    I felt so calm and relaxed afterwards and in the evening I felt a big a relief in my heart.   What I really appreciate is how present and focused you were together with me for 3 ½ hours – It felt like great teamwork."  

    Anette (Sweden)


    "I have enjoyed the intimate gathering with other women and sharing the stories from our Wombs.
    Barbara has been an excellent guide to take us into the depths of our Wombs and has given me an awareness of the things I have stored in me for a long time. I can now work on shifting these and filling my Womb with the things I choose!! Thanks."  

    Tahli Dobbin (Great Ocean Road, Australia)

  • . . .  WHERE  I  WAS  HURTING

    "Barbara was really in-tune with my experience. She knew where I was hurting & helped turn it into the light. Thank-you."  

    Felicity Sagar (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This was such an enlightening experience which brought so much awareness to what I needed to realize, so that I could step fully into my power as a woman.
    It was amazing experience to share in a circle of other women."  

    Hayley Soar (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This was the best healing experience I have ever had!
    It was such a nurturing, enlightening, empowering session. I am so blessed and happy I did it!
    Trully, THANK YOU!"  

    Sarah Latham (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Mapping my Womb Mandala was amazing!
    What a brilliant process to gain deep clarity into the creative potential of the womb space. I Loved it!
    Highly recommended for all Women!"  

    Sara Brooke (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Thank-you so much! This was such a powerful experience - to see the dynamics playing out in / from my Womb Space. I feel empowered, now, to return to my Womb Space and the heal these old wounds.
    Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you! xxx"  

    Melissa Farrugia (Melbourne, Australia)


    "It was the most beautiful, connected, supported afternoon that has given me such an amazing tool to check-in with myself. This is a tool that empowers me to see things as they are and gives me the ability to make continuous choices to clear and embrace aspects of my life.
    I really love this and it has opened up wondrous opportunities for healing."  

    Samantha Hallpike (Melbourne, Australia)


    "This is so simple and makes complete sense.
    It's very empowering to know that I can create whatever I want!"  

    Armelle Sebbag (Melbourne, Australia)

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    "Wow! I can feel the energy in my Womb!
    This process has been profound. I now have a deeper sense of safety and security within myself, a sense of valuing myself more and a knowing of how to release and shift anxieties, stresses & energetic cords. 
    My trust in life, the ability to care, nourish and nurture myself has deepened, as well. This has amplified my ability to manifest my creativity and abundance to next level.
    I'm so excited for all of you who will also choose this journey - my Womb is vibrating with so much Joy!"

    Atira Tan (Founder at Art2Healing Project : : Melbourne, Australia)

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    "Wow what a journey! I have never felt more alive. I realised that I am stunning woman! I have started being more assertive and not worrying (as much) about being liked. I am clearer on when I need to speak up about what isn't working for me and am able to feel why. I've cried deep deep sadness, aches & pains that I didn't know I was holding onto.
    My love is in me - not in a future lover I was searching for. Mostly I am so grateful that I can feel. I feel so much and have so much love to give & when I really pay attention to my body & what She tells me, I glow from the inside & feel so alive. More and more I am starting to honour my Body and to listen listen. When I do this, its amazing because I feel so much energy flowing through my body."

    Marnie McNeil (Tasmania, Australia)

  • RICH  &  FULL
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    "Wow, this Womb Initiation is such a powerful process!
    There was a lot of grace to support me to shift things that have been stuck for many generations. It's been a bit like doing a 180 degree flip back to balance from being severely imbalanced. I'd been excluded from most of my body because it was too painful and has actually been dangerous historically for women to know what they "knew. I already understood this but couldn't find 'the flip switch' till now!
    By the end of each meditation I felt really very rich, safe and full in a way I never have before. I could share so much more, it's been huge! Words can only say so much - I'd have to write a whole book! THANK YOU!"

    Jude Ewer (Blue Mountains, Australia)

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    "Womb Pulsing has changed my life, and the lives of my closest friends. An intense and extraordinarily loving practice there is space to explore pain and grief, and feel the most amazing states of ecstatic bliss. Pulsing has blessed my life as I have come to know my soul on the most intimate levels, hearing her, receiving her, and loving her unconditionally, feeling the tears of gratitude as my life explodes open."

    Gail Trojanowski (Soul Journeys :: USA)


    "I discovered old familiar feelings where am I still creating obstacles and destroying any chance of me shining ... not doing what I most love and not allowing success. There it was pulsing and alive and running my life - locked in my body and still impacting everything. This pulsing workshop set it rattling and shaking out of my body. Thank you Barbara for bringing this work to 'The Joining Gathering' and to me."

    Tony Rowe (Autistic Magic :: Australia)


    "Words alone will never convey our gratitude to you, nor the levels of connection we made with each other as a result of your Pulsing workshop. Lucy and I have fallen so hopelessly in love again, but at so much higher a level than ever before. I gaze into her beautiful eyes and tell her how I place my spirit and soul in her hands, and our hearts literally merge with indescribable feelings of connectivity. If everyone on this planet spent similar time in your presence Barbara, and experienced the gifts you have to offer, there would be so much more compassion and understanding."

    Mark & Lucy Shepard (An Amazing Mum & Dad :: Australia)

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    "The first time I experienced Barbara's Union Circle, I immediately felt that I had come HOME back into my Heart/Womb Wisdom, and it activated such deep past life memories and initiated me into an entirely different relationship with my womb, a deeper, more trusting and infinite loving relationship. I highly recommend this ceremonial space for both men and women as activating this space for both genders is a powerful act that heals many deeply seated, age old wounds in both the female and male consciousness."

    Atira Tan (Founder at Art2Healing Project : : Melbourne, Australia))


    "Truly revolutionary, powerful work! Totally bowing to you Lady! I am celebrating in awe and gratitude this place you have arrived at in your journey that enables you to trust enough to allow this magic to unfold through you!"

    Rebecca Stewart (Melbourne, Australia)

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    "During and after the Circles, I feel almost constantly centred, deeply met, cared about, loved for who I am in my essence as a man, seen for who I really am, honoured and respected for being in my masculine presence. I experience this as being still in my mind, aware of my feelings, holding any desires and sense of connections within myself instead of projecting these, speaking clearly and passionately without anger or fear...
    Thank you Barbara and all the Men & Women who have shared in these Circles so far... Deep Gratitude.

    MEN - I invite and greatly encourage you to join us to experience being respectfully met, deeply honoured and energetically held by Women who have experienced an opening into the immensely beautiful treasures within them. Listen and feel for the calling of your natural masculine essence, deep in your body to Circle with us ... when it's your time...

    WOMEN - If you have yet to experience these Circles of Unified intent to open to our real potential - TOGETHER - and witness each other in these Amazing states, I deeply encourage you to follow the call of your heart and body to join us ... when She calls you..."

    Lee Giddings (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Incredible! Awesomely powerful healing nurturing nourishing potent delicious loving safe and sacred! BIG Thanks to Barbara Ma-El and all who co-created the space and the extraordinary experience today. It'd be so awesome to have many more of our Divine Brothers present. We so ALL need to heal the Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine within, so it is reflected without, for more harmonious connections with each other."

    Deesha Divine Jewels (Melbourne, Australia)


    "Thank you Barbara for facilitating this exquisite Womb Healing Ceremony & humbly sharing your unique Womb Medicine.
    The space you created was safe, sacred and profoundly nurturing. I came away feeling uplifted, joyful and a deep sense of peace within."

    Katherine Smith (Women's Wellness & Life Transition Coach, Naturopath : : Melbourne, Australia)

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