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There exists an opening to vast oceans of Life Energy in the subtle energy bodies of Men, that is identical to the Womb in Women. Men do not have a physical organ associated with it, and yet it is just as vital to their Reproductive and Creative capacities. It is a Man's Sacred Sexual Center and Western culture does not even have a word for this important place. So we borrow from the Japanese martial arts and their medical tradition, where this place is refered to as the 'Hara'. The Japanese consider that the Vital Spirit resides in the Hara, located just below and behind the belly button.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine it is called the Dan Tain, which is often translated as 'Elixir Field' - for it surely is the place in the body where the Elixir of Life is created. The names of the three accupunture points of the Dantain tell us alot, too : 'Gate of Origin', 'Sea of Qi' and 'Stone Gate'.

In Hinduism, we find that 'Hara' is an earlier word for 'Shiva', who is usually worshiped in the form of the 'lingham'. Lingham is the ancient Sanskrit word for the Penis.

In the martial arts the Hara or Dantain is a known centre of a man's power where he has direct access to Source.
It is the vital energy centre of his body as well as his centre of gravity.

Within these traditions it is often also referred to as a state of mind in the development of one's character. 
At the point of ‘Hara' the conditioned mind has no place, for it is everywhere, completely in Union with the Universe, no beginning and no end. It is open and at ease. 'Hara' is the realisation of your True Nature.

Some tantric practitioners also call this place ‘The Source Point’, reporting that it is an area about the size of a pea, located a couple of inches below the navel, inside the body, closer to the spine than the navel.

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