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I facilitate Creating in Majestic Alignment with the Menstrual Cycle
(via monthly Global Womb Ceremonies)
because Woman is Coded with the Power that can Create Heaven On Earth!
This power is amplified at Menopause!

AWAKEN: Your Creative Purpose + Creation Codes
BY: Listening to and tending to your Menstrual / Menopausal Cycle
IN  RYTHMN  WITH: Cycles of The Earth's Daily Wisdom, made tangible in our Bodies.
(The Light of the Earth's Wisdom is held in physical form, transmitted and taught by Minerals & Crystals)

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Consult  The  Earth's  Daily  Cycle  Of  Wisdom = YOUR  BODY'S  ORACLE  information about the Earth's Cycle
Lifting Veils of Deception from the Connected Womb Wisdom & Womb Awakening Organisations
It's taken me 7 years of recovering from abuse orchestrated by Womb Wisdom's Padma Aon Prakasha, to finally be able to publish these accounts.
I was married to Azra Bertrand, Fountain of Life / Womb Awakening co-founder, for 10 years and for 3 of these years we worked closely with Prakasha. This puts me in a unique position to expose terrible lies that could be causing potential harm to many women and men.
Work with me
Barbara Ma-El + Magenta Yoni Rose

Mystical Menstruation For Awakening The Creative Power Of The Womb

  • Let me introduce you to the Cycle's Majesty. Yes, Menstrual & Menopausal Majesty!
  • Let me show you the inner workings of it's absolute perfection, its secrets, its Divinity & its Magic!
  • Let me show you how to align with it to Heal anything & Create anything that's true for you to Birth.

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  • November 8th 2018 : : USD$29 : : REGISTER HERE . . .


Terralogical Liquid Crystals Chart

Consultations To Determine The Best Evolutionary Remedies For Your HEALING, Your LIFE PATH & CREATIVE PURPOSE

  • Liquid Crystals
  • Starchild Crystals
  • Liquid Trees
  • Shadow Chaser Remedies > Accessing THE MOST Sacred Inner Temples of Creation
  • Relevant Past Life context
  • 7 Sisters Pleiadian Lightbody Activators & Shades of Blue remedies.

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Mizan Therapy - Traditional Reproductive Healing

Traditional Reproductive Healing

• Menstrual Pain & Cycle Abnormalities • Pregnancy • Postpartum • Infertility + IVF Optimization • Endometriosis • Fibroids • Menopause • Pelvic Pain • Miscarriage or Termination Recovery • Prolapse • Abdominal Surgery / C-section • Hysterectomy • PCOS • Low Backache • Recurrent Bladder or Yeast Infections • Digestive Issues • IBS • Recurrent Bladder or Yeast Infections • Gastritis • Constipation •

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The Great Mystery

Meet the Mystical powers of the Healing Gnostic (all-knowing) Womb

  • 1 : 1 Skype Session : : Global
  • In-Person Session : : Olinda (Dandenong Ranges), Melbourne, Australia

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Healing & Creating With The Womb : : Free Video Series
  • Video 1 - An Ecstatic Relationship to your Menstrual Period Video Play
  • Video 2 - How Menstrual Blood Heals Video Play
  • Video 3 - The True Beauty Of Menopause Video Play
  • Video 4 - The Goddess, Temples Of The Future, Mary Magdalene, Priestess & ? Drinking Menstrual Blood Video Play
  • Video 5 - Money, Manifestation, Sex Magic, Orgasms, Fertility & Creating With The Womb Video Play

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An arched doorway into the Golden Mystery

• Audio for Download by Barbara Ma-El

  • Sacral Shamanic Drum Journey
  • The Womb Of Creation Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation For Amplifying Personal Power

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  Sept 21st, 2018
Free Master Class

[MINING FOR GOLD] Free Master Class
Creating Balance with your Womb-Heart

  Aug 27th, 2018
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[WOMB to TOMB] A Personal Miracle
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