\ Learn the Divine Feminine Art of Self Healing Via The Womb
A Naked Woman curled up in a Womb of Sand on the Beach : Heal Your Womb - Change the World

• Learn The Divine Feminine Art of Self Healing Via The Womb •
• Learn How to Create in alignment to Heart & Soul •

Healing & Creating With The Womb Video Series   Send me one of these videos every 3 days

. . . because the World awaits Healing, Forgiveness, Release from the chains of limitation & an entirely new way of Creating for and with Creation!
  • Video 1 - An Ecstatic Relationship to your Menstrual Period Video Play
  • Video 2 - How Menstrual Blood Heals Video Play
  • Video 3 - The True Beauty Of Menopause Video Play
  • Video 4 - The Goddess, Temples Of The Future, Mary Magdalene, Priestess & ? Drinking Menstrual Blood Video Play
  • Video 5 - Money, Manifestation, Sex Magic, Orgasms, Fertility & Creating With The Womb Video Play
  • Video 6 - Are My Global Womb Ceremonies Right For You? Video Play

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Work with me
Barbara Ma-El + Magenta Yoni Rose

For Healing & Creating with The Womb

  • You're Good Enough! You're OK! Everything's Alright!
  • Let me show you the Endless Pot of Gold you have inside; a limitless resource where you can Receive Deep Acceptance, Affirmation & Love; where you're Embraced & Deeply Supported by Life.

  • The First Ceremony of its kind is re-launcging : : Feb 15th 2018 : : USD$29 : : REGISTER HERE . . .


Black Light in the Body of Creation

Tailored for Your Unique Purpose & Embodiment (for women & men)

  • Everything you Desire to Create or Attract (more of) into your Life,
    waits in the secret recesses in your BODY of LOVE.

  • Find all the info here ...

Presence Heals by Amina Re

Returning to Health & Fertility From ↓

• Menstrual Pain & Abnormalities • Infertility • Endometriosis • Menopause • Sexual Violation • Miscarriage • Abortion • Birth Challenges • Surgery • Hysterectomy • Fibroids • Any Physical Ailment

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The Mystical Flower of Life

• Private Sessions : : In-person or via Skype
• Small Groups of 8 Women : : by Request

Discover what's Living (or dying) in Your Womb
  • Past lovers?
  • What kind of relationship do you want to cultivate or attract?
  • Do you wish to prepare your Womb to conceivie a child?
  • What about Parents? Friends? Children? Are they living in your Womb Space?
  • Are you clear with your Projects? Work? Your Life Purpose & Gifts?
  • Who are your Guides? Protectors? Allegiances? Who isn't?
  • See More ...
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Gemstone Yoni Eggs

. . . because Yor Vagina Rocks!

  • OBSIDIAN Yoni Egg for Healing within The Great Mystery
  • RED JASPER Yoni Egg for Deep Nurturing
  • CARNELIAN Yoni Egg for Sexuality, Fertility & Creativity
  • RHODONITE Yoni Egg for Physical Love
  • BLOODSTONE Yoni Egg for Cleansing, Renewal & Revitalization
  • ROSE QUARTZ Yoni Egg For Giving The Men
  • CLEAR QUARTZ Yoni Egg for Manifestation (The Priestess)

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The Liquid Crystals

• The Earth's Evolutionary Crystal Therapy

  • Creation Crystals
  • Starchild Remedies
  • Classical Healing Trinities
  • Special Alchemical Preparations
  • Consultations

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An arched doorway into the Golden Mystery

• Audio for Download by Barbara Ma-El

  • The Womb Of Creation Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation For Amplifying Personal Power

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  Nov 7th, 2017
Perfected Body System Keys

[LAUNCH] A Body Rejuvenation System
Heals The Ageing Etheric Blueprints

  Oct 25th, 2017
I See Humans but no Humanity

#Me Too
Babylon Has Us By The Balls

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